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ya’ll are reblogging this ironically but i think this is just wonderful 

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I need you to be clingy because I’m paranoid and I begin to think you don’t like me if you’re not.

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me liking your selfie could either mean “that’s a nice picture friend” or “i want to bend you over a table” but you’ll never know

“There’s always that one band that comes along when you’re fourteen or fifteen years old that changes your whole perception of things.”

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I’m not a huge fan of requests due to personal reasons, but you guys are so nice to me that I decided draw some suggested fusions in between commissions. There where so many that I simply couldn’t draw all of them so I’m sorry for that! Also, Flaremonchan is secrectly a super saiyan.



hey guys remember when you played brawl with friends and then this item would spawn in


and then fun times would immediately turn into either the feeling of unspeakable fear or the sensation of having overwhelming power in your hands

ok thats nice and all but entire relationships could be ended, houses divided, bodies torn over


the hammer



I work at a theater and we just got these I cannot believe this

are you kidding me


that feeling when you listen to a song with good heaphones for the first time and suddenly you notice 7 new instruments, a child singing harmonies in the background, and you’re just sitting there wide eyed and in love with the song all over again


it’s just like, why are there cat emojis for loads of emotions as well as normal humans emojis


like, when do i need to express these emotions… but as a cat


oh look it’s the leader of the free world breaking the cardinal rule of chipotleimage